VIDEO: What to Watch in Transnistria

VIDEO: What to Watch in Transnistria

In this event, David tours this breakaway state of Moldova to show you what to watch a special location with Soviet traditions, from Transnistria. Transnistria declared independence from Moldova in 1990. It still forms part of Moldova but relies on Russia for military and economic support. The United Nations does not understand Transnistria but it remains a sovereign condition that tourists are welcome to explore.

David starts his tour of Transnistria in the History and Military Memorial in the city of Bendery — a memorial dedicated to the allies of 3 wars (WWII, Russo-Turkish War, and the civil war of Transnistria that happened from in 1992). David’s manual Natalia explains a little bit more on the subject of the tradition.

David’s next stop is the 16th century Bendery Fortress built during Ottoman rule. The fortress is all about 69 hectares and has a museum inside. One exhibit displays military memorabilia and artifacts from the war of Transnistria from 1992.

David and Natalia continue their tour of everything to watch by heading. They create a stop at two different war memorials commemorating also a famed general, Alexandr Suvorov and the fallen soldiers of wars. If you’re wondering, the Soviets were large on constructing war memorials!

After exploring the primary websites of Transnistria, David and Natalia make their solution into Kumanek Tavern Restaurant to try out some traditional Greek food including Borshch (vegetable soup made from beets, cabbage, carrots, carrots, celery, and garlic). The beets are what give it its intense red colour. David tries Kiev cutlet with mushrooms and potatoes.

Not one to miss the chance to try out a neighborhood drink, David enjoys a 10-year-old glass of cognac by the well-known Transnistrian tag KVINT. Additionally recommended if you enjoy wine up to David: His Video Guide to the Annual Moldovan Wine Festival

And David shares

VIDEO: What to Watch in Transnistria

So there you have it — A guide of things to see from Transnistria. It’s not a place for everyone and is not your average country, but that is what travel is all about — discovering new places!

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