The Best White Wines Of Galicia, Spain

Galicia, Spain’s area, is unlike any other neighborhood. The Atlantic brings a wonderful deal of moisture to the area, making it among the most fertile in Spain. It is green as can be, although galicia might be soggy. Galicia’s greatest white wines come from the lands surrounding the Miño River that make wine production potential.

Almuiña 2010 Albariño

The Best White Wines Of Galicia, Spain

Valtea 2010 Albariño from Pontevedra

The Best White Wines Of Galicia, Spain

Types of grapes- that the Albariño, Godello, Loureiro, and Treixadura are some of the types found here. As wine is to Galicia wine is to La Rioja. White wine is everywhere- in every decent, and even in restaurants, supermarkets, bodegas Galician’s refrigerator. The whites and the kinds of seafood available pair up together throughout Galicia. The Five most common areas of Galician wine generation would be: Ribeira Sacra Monterrei, Rias Baixas, Ribeiro, along with Valdeorras.

Abadia de San Campio 2010 Albariño from Rias Baixas

The Best White Wines Of Galicia, Spain

And I have sure gotten to know Galician grapes pretty well after two weeks traveling through the area. I want to share with you some of my favorite finest white wines of Galicia in this post:

Paco & Lola 2010 Albariño fro Rias Baixas

I had this wine in O Pescador Restaurant in Vigo.

A lovely fruity wine in Spain to get a day.

Memoria de Ventura 2010 Godello from Valdeorras

Wonderful wine to match with heavy foods like meats and starches. I tried this wine.

Enjoy this one in Restaurant Banasteria in Pontevedra and also in Don Gaiferos Restaurant in Santiago de Compostela.

If you’re not careful this wine is fruity, but may creep upon you. Goes well with both fish and meat.

Was gifted this wine at El Gourmet Aljan in the city of Ribeiro from owner, Chef Anttonio Aljan and head chef. This was a wine, full of notes. Very refreshing and refined.

Even the Godello grape produces a dryer and is bigger. I tried this one a Galician restaurant situated along the promenade in the city of La Coruña, at Aguamar.

I cannot wait to keep sampling the wines of Galicia. I had been a wine man before experiencing all the flavors which the Galician whites have to offer. I’ve noticed that almost every home with a yard has planted, even driving country roads along. Wine is threaded tightly into Spanish culture and it is a heritage that has no ending in sight. Wine tourism is just one of Spain’s benefits and one that you must take advantage of.




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The Best White Wines Of Galicia, Spain