Things to Do in Palumeu, Suriname

Deep in a region bisected by the Upper Tapanahony River, Inside the Surinamese rainforest, is Palumeu.

Despite the fact that this Amerindian village lies deep within the jungle, there are numerous things to do in Palumeu. In reality, twisting river and the slopes provide a huge variety of learning adventures and tasks. As my guide said to me the jungle has a lot to teach you.

Split a Charter Plane To and From Palumeu

Flying from Zorg en Hoop Airport at Paramaribo

Things to Do in Palumeu, Suriname

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Many believe as white shores of heaven, the sun. However, for me, heaven is a cottage in the heart of the South American jungle, overlooking a muddy river, with nothing but pure nature all over you. For me, paradise fishing for piranha, is hiking through the jungle, and touring villages most people do not think to see. For me, heaven is Palumeu. All these are the top 5 things to do in Palumeu, Suriname.

Explore the Jungle

Arriving at Vincent Fayks Airstrip at Palumeu

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There is a grand total of two methods to achieve the village Since Palumeu is isolated. You may travel there from the town of Albina across the Maroni River by boat, however this may definitely require you. If you’re like me and have a packed itinerary and time, you are much better off flying there. A flight in the capital city of Paramaribo to Palumeu only takes 75 minutes and is short. Once I arrived at the airport, then I fulfilled my manual for the next two days, Julius from Mets Travel and Tours.

Things to Do in Palumeu, Suriname

Tour the Village

Jungle Trek #1

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Flights to Palumeu Could be Captured at Zorg en Hoop Airport at Paramaribo.

However, because Palumeu is located in the South American volcano, you’ll need to have an extremely small charter plane to get there. The plane I took had 10 seats. Because the plane is really small, your luggage and you is going to be weighed at the airport to make sure the plane will not have too much weight on it.

Go Fishing at the Rapids

Jungle Trek #2

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I admit I’m a bit of a flyer once it comes to planes like this. The turbulence in planes is worse than in bigger planes, especially once you fly through clouds. Throughout your flight to and from Palumeu, you should be able to take your head by gazing out at the volcano passing under you.

Stay at the Palumeu Jungle Lodge

Things to Do in Palumeu, Suriname

The Village

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You will fly across the Brokopondo Reservoir from the Brownsweg place, the Suriname River gold mines, and a whole lot more.

Crafts and Beers

You might need to make a quick pit stop to pick up other passengers. Suriname is a large travel destination for tourists in the Netherlands, and we picked up a few of these at a minuscule airstrip in my approach.

Before we landed safe and sound at the Vincent Fayks Airstrip at Palumeu from that point, we spent the next fifteen minutes flying over villages and mile upon mile of greenery. The airstrip is short, so it seemed like it would be a close call, however my pilot was and knew exactly what he had been doing!

You will follow the identical route back to Paramaribo during your return trip. It is yet another opportunity to find the range and breadth of the Surinamese volcano from above. It’s massive and moves and on as much as the eye can see!

My flight to Palumeu has been the start of a experience and is undoubtedly among the things to take in Palumeu in the event you don’t have time for a 12-day boat cruise!

Things to Do in Palumeu, Suriname

If you do not explore the jungle and and Palumeu see, you did not visit with Palumeu. Period. Immediately upon arriving, my manuals Julius and Ose took me out for my first of two treks. The first trek started down the Tapanahony River, among the divisions of the Maroni River.

Things to Do in Palumeu, Suriname

We rode into a motorized canoe to a campground, where we enjoyed a wonderful lunch of peanut sauce, a coleslaw, grilled fish, and among my favorites.

After another 20-30 minute rude down to the Tapanahony, your jungle trek will officially begin. Was the odor of feces and the sound of a very loud bird from the canopy overhead.

However, although the canopy was really tight it let in any light, the trails were clear of debris with the exception of several fallen logs. You might find a look at a few of the wildlife that is native .

I didn’t see any animals, but I understood that that’s the nature of any sort of trip throughout the jungle. The hike through the rainforest, and eventually up the steep, granite mountain called Poti Hill was worth it! Just be certain to wear long pants .

Things to Do in Palumeu, Suriname

Poti Hill is coated as you climb to the summit in hardy plants that will slice your legs up. My trek was reminiscent of those 22 times I spent exploring Malawi along with my spouse back . It had been so peaceful and is without question, among the greatest things to do in Palumeu!

My jungle trek came and started at the base camp. The trails leading from Mabuka have been created by the local Amerindians so they could move through the forest so they can visit their households.

Things to Do in Palumeu, Suriname

We traveled with a great deal of low, dense brush, as well as a majestic forest with towering tall trees that soar up into the heavens. One of those trees, I had been told, contains.

So far as wildlife sightings are concerned, my second trek was more of a success than my first. As we traipsed through the jungle , we came across a tarantula’s burrow as well as a pair of sterile leaf frogsthat have been camouflaged against the plant on the ground so well I could see them!

And while I’d hoped to see animals, I still realized what an honor it is to visit this pristine area of earth, so that I could not be disappointed. Going looking for creatures is among the greatest things to do in Palumeu and it is highly recommended by me!

Things to Do in Palumeu, Suriname

Naturally, if you stop by the Palumeu area, you must take some time. This quaint, Amerindian village is located just a short walk. Visiting is among the things to do in Palumeu and can be simply a can’t-miss.

Things to Do in Palumeu, Suriname

Upon entering Palumeu village, then you’ll understand that the local homes are built on stilts so they do not flooding when it rains. There are a tiny Baptist church, as well as about a dozen or so homes in total. Not far away is the Tapanahony River, which is the village’s most lifeline. It is their transportation route and water source, their food, and where they wash and clean.

The biggest structure in the town is the communal hall, a huge , open-air hut where encounters, feasts, and parties take place. I heard if there is an overflow of people that it’s additionally used as lodgings of sorts.

While I travel, I’m constantly on the hunt for souvenirs. I’m not a huge fan. I’m much more into hand-crafted merchandise. Once I asked if there had been I had been shown an entire choice of crafts including bracelets, bracelets, a knife, maracas, a flute, along with an arrow. I bought two bracelets, which were made of leaves and seeds, because of my daughters.

Things to Do in Palumeu, Suriname

Without even trying their beer, you can’t depart Palumeu. Sipping on this neighborhood specialty is just one of the things to do in Palumeu. The folks there were very generous and shared a few in a bowl with me. It is a little thick, muddy, and earthy, and you can taste the fermentation! I’m a small beer snob, but I admit it wasn’t half bad! The beer had been refreshing, therefore I even enjoyed another round. At only three to five per cent alcohol content, I could have had more!

The village was visited by me . It might sound kind of strange, but I advise wearing long sleeves when you explore Palumeu, and covering your legs and legs. There are plenty of places and the sun will be directly overhead. So you do not get sunburned, you’ll want to cover up. Sure, you’ll likely be hot, but it’s better than just being burnt to a crisp!

Things to Do in Palumeu, Suriname

The Tapanahony River at Palumeu is also home to some of rapids and the most epic I’ve ever seen. When you book with Mets Travel and Tours, then you will venture out on a one-hour boat ride that will take you. They’re created because the river water gets funneled about and between the boulders from the river. Your manual is an expert and knows how to handle them, although traveling through them is a thrilling and exciting experience!

You will finally land on the banks of the river. In addition, your experienced guides will hop across rocks within the rapids to find a good place to catch fish. Their goal is to use small fish as bait so as to catch piranha. During my excursion with them, they captured a large, monstrous fish working with a machete and utilized its organs to fish for the infamous fated fish.

I didn’t go out almost as much as they did, but I did cross several stones to find a decent view of them since they fished. While they fished, I could not help but marvel at the magnificent elegance of the rapids.  The water flows over the stones, revealing bright green seaweed clinging to them and the river bottom. And if we did not catch any fish, I shall always keep in mind the sight of those rapids. They are absolutely stunning and fishing at them is certainly one of the best things to do in Palumeu.

If you book your Palumeu Trip with Mets Travel and Tours, Then you’ll Remain at the Palumeu Jungle Lodge.

Staying there is easily one of the best things to do in Palumeu. This resort consists of big, wooden bungalows, which are divided into two smaller, rustic units.

The accommodations consist of two double beds with mosquito netting, a small desk, and a small bathroom. It may seem simple to some, but for me, it was everything I needed. Make sure to use the mosquito netting beginning approximately 6 p.m., as that’s when the mosquitoes begin coming out in full power.

They’ll attack you mercilessly throughout the night in case you don’t! Another advantage of the lodge is that they have electricity. This is important for me, as I always need somewhere to charge my electronics for my next day of action!

The lodge also includes a pier overlooking the river, where a few hammocks have been lined up. It is the perfect place.

Things to Do in Palumeu, Suriname

There is likewise an on-site open source dining hall. You can enjoy a yummy meal of roti with sweet pumpkin mash, aloo, along with poultry. They come with chilies, which are extremely hot! There’s a distinct influence in the cuisine. Was outstanding! Trust me, eating the chicken is among the greatest things to do in Palumeu!

My two weeks later in Palumeu flew by in a blur. But although it stopped as it started, I’d experiences there I will never forget. Waking up at six a.m., observing the volcano come to life, and sometimes jungle beer were all magical. You can’t beat this location, if the outdoors, wildlife, thrilling adventures, and learning about other cultures is your thing. Reserve a visit to Palumeu now to experience it all for yourself!

Things to Do in Palumeu, Suriname

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Things to Do in Palumeu, Suriname