VIDEO: Sweet and Spicy Indian Food Tour of North Miami Beach

Miami is famous because it is Latin American food, but we now have a great deal of Indian Restaurants all over the city. In this video I headed to try out some hot and sweet Indian food in three unique restaurants.

We Seen Kebab Indian Restaurant Around 167th Road in North Miami Beach.

A buffet style dinner, that is normal in Indian restaurants in South Florida is served by them. I tried Rice Pudding, Chicken Tandoori, Bhujia, Dal, Goat Vindaloo and a few Steak Chicken. The stand out was the Butter Chicken although everything was wonderful!

We go down the road to B Bar Indian Restaurant, that also served dinner. The supervisor DJ presented every single dish in fashion. We had Spicy Goat Curry, Padilla, Chicken Tandoori, Chicken Chilly and a Batatat Vada. They were so delicious!

We crossed the bridge to visit Copper Chimney Indian Restaurant.

VIDEO: Sweet and Spicy Indian Food Tour of North Miami Beach

This restaurant is more upscale and serves various unique dishes from across India. I had Bhel Puri Chaat, that will be one of my favourite dishes on the planet! It’s just yummy, sexy and sweet!

This is a tasty sweet and spicy food tour of North Miami Beach. Can you love the video?  Remark below if you enjoy the video please give it a thumbs up and register to my YouTube station!