Top Travel Myths about Dubai Busted

Traveling into the UAE is always an exhilarating experience for the very first time people, particularly for most. The town has some kind of untold atmosphere you might never know just what to expect in your very first trip, and unless you return to face with concrete constructions and blinding neon lights.

Everybody That lives in Dubai is rich

It’s impossible to practice your Faith

There are lots of myths and lies being bandied about Dubai, also them do nothing but confuse those looking for passport renewal to go to this wonderful city. To help you out, here’s a look at a number of the myths that you have discovered or that you’d be hearing soon about Dubai. We debunk them and tell you just what the truth is so that you are not fed with misleading information regarding Dubai travel.

The Dubai water causes skin problems and hair to Collapse

It’s a simple fact you will come face to face with a few of the guys you’ve ever encountered and that Arabs are rich, but it isn’t true that each and every dude you meet from the roads of Dubai is rich. This misconception stems from the simple fact that there is so much wealth in the country, however this is never a direct ticket which each and every citizen has to be rich.

Girls must be covered from the Mind to the toe

It needs to be proven that the people in Dubai have work ethics and give their best in everything that they do, and therefore, living a rich lifestyle and earning money gets simple. However, there is also and for these, they will be always eluded by wealth. Therefore, just it isn’t automatic that everyone in Dubai is rich.

Medication for mental Disease is Prohibited and may get you Imprisoned

The Emirates is mainly a Muslim country, but their doors are open to people from all religions and all culture. It isn’t important if you’re Buddhist, Hindu or a Christian. Just as you will discover mosques, you will also discover other places of worship such as churches and Gurudwaras for the Sikhs and there are very good resources online on how you can find your specific area of worship whenever you’re in Dubai.

Alcohol is Illegal in Dubai

This myth that you can not practice your religion is due to the simple fact that the majority of the folks in Dubai are staunch Muslims like dressing, and they won’t compromise on things which other religions compromise on. But this does not necessarily mean that if you’re a Christian you can not be allowed to beg in Dubai. Your freedom of worship remains undamaged in Dubai and nobody will be attacking you for religion or your religion.

This is also some kind of skin ailments, and a fantasy which at some point led to a crisis in town as it was claimed that the water from the taps at Dubai caused hair to drop. In the aftermath of this, the town saw from the visitor numbers and the authorities were taken to prove that the allegations were wrong. Samples from the tap water had been taken and examined by decent bodies and nothing inside them was found that could lead to hair possess some complications on the skin or to drop.

Top Travel Myths about Dubai Busted

It may have been a malicious campaign by unidentified folks to tarnish the city’s name. Therefore, don’t believe this is true and if you’re on the brink of choosing passport renewal and also this myth got you scared, kindly resume together with your plans knowing that the Dubai water remains safe and you won’t be losing your hair or becoming some deadly skin disorder for utilizing it.

This is probably the most frequent misconception you will run into. It isn’t a requirement anywhere in the UAE that each lady should cover themselves to the feet, just as is obviously true for women celebrating the religion. You should know that embracing such a dressing table as you’re in Dubai or any component of the UAE is just a means of showing respect into the nation’s culture and traditions, but it is not an absolute requirement.

Top Travel Myths about Dubai Busted

However, you will discover quite a few shopping malls and shopping facilities providing guidelines on sensible and decent grooming, however you will also discover a couple of places that will not really mind what you opt to put on when you see their establishments.

It is a fact that narcotic drugs and substances are strictly prohibited not just in Dubai, but also in several other countries. It is only that there is very low tolerance for such in Dubai, so people think that you can get jailed for mental illness medications in the country. However, if you have to travel to Dubai and you are on prescription for such kinds of drugs, then you should know that there are highly controlled, semi-controlled and controlled medication.

Then you will not run into any issues with regulations, if you use the appropriate channels to find the meds, like visiting a psychologist to explain your case. But it is a fact that the country is strict on medications and countless Americans have been languishing in Dubai jails because of being in possession of illegal drugs.

Top Travel Myths about Dubai Busted

This is when you plan to go to Dubai, just another myth you will come across, and it is one which receives a good deal of people scared. All you need to understand that carrying alcohol isn’t illegal in any way in Dubai, however if you’re seen carrying alcohol or drunk in public areas, then you’ll be liable for punishment because that is a crime under their laws. The Dubai nightlife is full of life and there are designated places like hotels and other premises in which you can freely repaint your beverages without worrying at all.