Celebrity Travel Addicts: Cody Buffinton of Exploring with Cody

During this Celebrity Travel Addicts Q&A, we Talk from Exploring with Cody.

We talk about what compels that Connecticut native find out about his upcoming digital series with Josh to journey, and find some suggestions and advice that have assisted him around the world. Take a look at his destinations and discover where he is going next!

How did your passion for travel begin?

It was only when I went on a school trip when I was 16 to Italy that I really found my enthusiasm, although I always had a passion for adventure and doing adventurous things. We were supposed to spend per week in Italy traveling all around and it was with 2 of my good friends in school so it was lots of entertaining, but then a volcano in Iceland erupted, causing all flights from Europe to be prepared for a week, and that’s when we really got to begin researching on our own and now that I knew I wanted to always be traveling with friends.

How are you currently travel in any given calendar year? What are the kinds?

It’s about 6 months from the year I am traveling, typically a month traveling and then a month. This season is an exception however because I am hosting a travel/exploring TV show which requires me to travel to two new nations every month for the first half of this calendar year, and that I still have to maintain with filming movies for my YouTube channel, so this year will probably be 10 months from this year.

Some of the recent journeys have included filming in a haunted forest in Transylvania seeing temples in Mexico quest in an abandoned mansion in the UK, and shopping in the markets of Marrakech. What are the benefits of being a”jack of all trades” type of traveller?

The places I visit vary greatly, initially it has just been places I have always wished to travel/ones I might manage, but since I have started crossing those off my list, and it becomes more about mixing it up and finding those with specific places that I can visit and learn from. By way of instance, later this year I would love to do exactly the Mt. Everest base camp increase, which is a 2-week increase and find out from your sherpas you personally, and then maybe head to Antarctica for a 20-day adventure as well, just particular things a great deal of folks have not seen.

You get a show with Researching with Josh coming out. How did it come about and what will you tell us about it?

There are pros and cons like anything. For me personally I am still yet to be one particular niche, (although I’d like to consider myself an action adventure traveler) but there’s so much out there that is why I am kind of a jack of all transactions in travel. It is difficult for me to concentrate on 1 type for me personally that’s what attempting new things, travel is, creating new friends and epic experiences. But on the reverse side, the content is greatly varied which makes it hard to find a consistent audience occasionally. However, for me personally, I would rather attempt all kinds of videos/genres and determine what I like.

What do you want viewers to attain and learn from the work?

Yeah, so Josh and I started YouTube together 4 decades ago and we’ve been friends since the start. A lot of our content filmed in abandoned areas in the regions around where we lived. We could travel to make movies in addition to travel vlogs After we had saved some money up. When Josh and I picture together because we have a great connection/on display banter our viewers has liked.

Celebrity Travel Addicts: Cody Buffinton of Exploring with Cody

In addition you are also passionate about fitnesscenter. What information do you give?

Just about two years ago we have been contacted by a firm who wished to turn this into a TV show and we spent months figuring out just how it would be generated. Ultimately this year we started filming it in January! The premise is that Josh and I every travel to 10 unique nations, and in each country we receive a co host who is a friend from our travel adventures of our, and we investigate an amazing abandoned place in addition to the. Then the episode is cutting back and fourth between Josh and I in various nations, basically competing to see who could research one up or the place each other.

What are the top three destinations you have seen?

It varies from movie to video, but many times it’s for my viewers to find the positive in a state the may have heard awful things about on the information, or the way we can learn from different cultures and that there are thoughts different than ours on earth. When possible I attempt to find or clarify their country/city plus it not only helps the video but teaches the audience and me about that standpoint from a different region of the planet.

Give us your’Top 5′ list for one of the top 3 destinations. Just like a mini-guide or a to-do list of sorts. It can be anything in your favorite resort, best location to get lunch, finest sightseeing, etc..

And that is something that I find to be increasingly hard with my more crowded schedule this year, but it means I have been really working to keep up it more. The very best advice I can give is one that I tell myself everyday that can be find a way in whatever way possible to at least break a sweat every day. A good deal of the hotels I stay at don’t have health clubs or ones that are bad, so before filming, I go for a run mornings and that gets me sweating. Also the largest trap I find myself in is always being offered soda everywhere I go and if you are walking about all day it seems great to own, but at least for me personally, thats one of the biggest things that I can cut out and it is going to make a huge difference in staying fit.

How many nations have you seen so far?

#1 is some of the very best scene I have ever seen, Norway, last year, I spent a month there during the summer and it was amazing for road trips lifts and quality of life.

What are the top 3 favorite cuisines?

#2 is Iceland, a close moment and again some amazing scenery that is probably the most unique on the planet that is why so many TV shows/movies are likely to picture there because it’s like another planet.

What’s your favorite restaurant in the world? What dish would you advocate?

#3 is Japan, I really like the culture and it’s sooooo. I Really like That it’s the safest country in the world and that I can walk around the streets at 3am and feel completely protected, and the variety all over the country, (bamboo forests, cherry blossom parks, reddish shrines gates and a lot more)

What’s your favorite travel film?

For Norway, I’d say this:

What’s your beloved international airport?

#1 Reinebringen Hike — pretty hard Lift but my favorite Opinion I’ve seen (It’s in Lofoten)

Which city had the most friendly people?

#two Vaeroy — This tiny island is a little ferry ride away from the main Isle of Lofoten and also you can achieve this island in a day, but in the very top of it there is an extraordinary view that anyone can go see.

Celebrity Travel Addicts: Cody Buffinton of Exploring with Cody

Who’s your favorite travel companion?

#3 Viking Valley Village this small village , in Gudvagen is cool because it’s set up like a village in the Viking era, and it was a enjoyable day , if you are into this as much as I am. It’s possible to see leather making, sword practice, blacksmiths working, and a lot more.

What’s the perfect method to kill time?

#4 Saltstrummen you’re able to take a ship on the market, and in Bodo, this really can be really a tidal pool in the North that produces these whirlpools every day with the shifting tides, or arctic snorkel it that we did and it was wild!

Celebrity Travel Addicts: Cody Buffinton of Exploring with Cody

What’s the most exotic location you have been taken by your career?

#5 Glacier hiking, there are multiple you can do in Norway, we did one just one hour south of Bodo and it was amazing, we had the ice hockey picks and all, among the best days we had searching this turquoise lake in the surface of a glacier.

Celebrity Travel Addicts: Cody Buffinton of Exploring with Cody

What’s your bit?

As of May 2019 Ive visited 30. I count my nations on this app called Been, that simply tracks it, but I am not very concerned with racking up too many nations as I am, since I love to spend as long as I could in a single and full research it before moving to the next, which is why my regular excursions are 3-4 weeks in just 1 country before moving to another.

Celebrity Travel Addicts: Cody Buffinton of Exploring with Cody

What are without?

All Foods in Mexico!!

Celebrity Travel Addicts: Cody Buffinton of Exploring with Cody

I enjoy going back there for the food especially their Tacos.

What’s your dream destination?

Ramen in Tokyo Japan, Can Not go wrong with a good Tonkatsu Ramen.

What’s your favorite travel quote?

Mediterranean dishes that incorporate some kind of fresh veggies and olive oil. My favorite appetizer in Greece for example is Dolmades.

Where are you headed?

It is difficult for me to keep in mind the name of this location because it was in Japanese, but in Osaka, that’s the food capital of Japan, there are these small restaurants throughout the main square where you can find a great chicken curry or ramen and I’d eat there daily.


The Secret Life of Walter Mitty has been a huge inspiration for me personally, if you have not seen it, basically Ben Stiller operates at Time Magazine, and then he dropped a crucial picture a great traveling photographer sent him, so he travel around the world to find him and end up in various parts of the planet realizing how amazing it’s out there and it’s what inspired me to visit Iceland, that can be among those places.

So far I’d say Tokyo Narita airport. The Japanese are just really organized

Anywhere in the Philippines that you will find the most friendly folks, which is the reason I really like it there.

Likely Josh since we travel together the most and have great adventures once we do.

Typically I am editing a movie or something firm related during my journeys, but when I do have enough the time to kill in an airport, then the Nintendo Switch is excellent for travellers, I’ll play Mario Kart or Super Smash Bros with whomever I’m traveling with in the time.

This show I am doing today has attracted me to picture to the places. The #1 being the middle of nowhere in the country of Georgia where Stalin needed a popular Spa resort, and most of the folks spoke Russian. It was a week of riding around from the mountain tops of this country.

Keep it cheap. For obvious reasons other than saving money, when you stay in lodging like hostels you satisfy a great deal more people especially travelers that become friends and family. When you take the train round a country rather than flying you find the countryside and areas you would not normally see because they are out tourist locations. For me that has been the most useful information, it’s not feasible to do, however my very best travel adventures or stories don’t begin with me coming from my 4/5 celebrity hotel to visit a 5 star restaurant.

That’s hard because lots of those places would be to, but I’d say Antarctica simply because of how unique it is and how many people get to go in addition to the untouched nature.

It is not really a travel quote but it still applies that’s,”If it were easy, everyone would do it” That’s why I am always seeking out the tougher destinations particularly later this year.

Celebrity Travel Addicts: Cody Buffinton of Exploring with Cody

Next is Namibia, that I am super excited for because I have never been on the south of Africa!

Celebrity Travel Addicts: Cody Buffinton of Exploring with Cody

I am at which I attempt to seek out cool experiences away from the beaten path an adventurous traveler that creates content for Instagram and YouTube. Whether it’s rappelling into the cave in Mexico while driving to the farthest, or being circled by countless snakes fjord using a friend in Iceland I just met to explore the abandoned fish mill. I definitely love seeing where the road takes me and prefer to try it all!

Celebrity Travel Addicts: Cody Buffinton of Exploring with Cody

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