Celebrity Travel Addict: Professional Kitesurfer

This week’s interview is with old friend and kite surfer, Tom Court. Tom and I met when I filmed back in 2008, also I have been a fan of his ever since. Tom is no stranger to travel for his passion, which requires an adventurous spirit and a lot (and lots) of practice. Figure out west Australia is his first # 1 surf place, and how he first began traveling for contests. Fore more star interviews, see our Celebrity Travel Addicts Series.

Celebrity Travel Addict: Professional Kitesurfer


Celebrity Travel Addict: Professional Kitesurfer

How frequently do you go for kite surfing?

I would say that for roughly the last seven years I have been traveling on average. By age seventeen Kite surfing has become a motivation for me learn, find out the planet, to travel and explore new areas. See things I wouldn’t have seen at home and studying matters that University couldn’t send. Some times I go on more trips to research new areas or get lost investigating and times trips for events or competitions. Wherever I go however, I usually end up focusing on horseback hunting, or making a picture of an objective that keeps me always occupied…

Where did you first travel to for a competition?

The very first place that I traveled in my own, was in age sixteen. Sat at the back room of my parent’s home, I was able to reserve a ticket to Fortaleza, Brazil to take part in a kite camp for one of my sponsors. Re-assuring my parents which my sponsors coordinated it and that they did not need to be worried. Sitting on the plane, taking a look at the map at the inflight magazine, it dawned to me in the time, I did not even know at the stage where Fortaleza was about the map… I hadn’t booked anywhere to stay and the camp I was going to was about three hours in the airport, landing at 3am at a dark, vacant Brazilian airport. My experience got really real, very quickly. This is the trip that I actually begun to enjoy traveling and also the sensation of freedom that comes with it.

What is your most adventurous traveling experience?

Most likely one of my trips to Sri Lanka, I was on a shoot on the main host, North Kite dressing and watch a side of the country and we wanted to do something different. So, we contacted the Sri Lankan Army and was able to’acquireus to fly and our gear to the most Northern tip of this island. Previously a war stricken area, it was a rather amazing experience to see the effect of the war on that area and the military bases. Us dropped in the shore and we kite boarded across Adam’s Bridge to top it all off. It was special! Watch the video HERE.

Where’s your favorite place to kite surf and why?

That is a question that people always ask, however among the toughest to reply. There are many great areas to kitesurf in a lot of them and the world haven’t been discovered yet. The further I travel and the more areas I see, the more difficult I find it to choose just one. One of the best trips that I have done so far as kiteboarding is worried was to Freemantle, Perth in Western Australia in 2011. Spending the two months of their summer months around the shore delivered some of the conditions I have seen almost everywhere.

Celebrity Travel Addict: Professional Kitesurfer

Give us the Top 5 Record

The wide range of conditions that the west shore of Australia can deliver is unparalleled, from mirror water to waves that are amazing and uncommon coral reefs. There’s a lot of space out there now and so few people, that you don’t need to go far to find a place with no one else about… if you’ve got a feeling of adventure, it is possible to find yourself at spots that feel a thousand miles apart from the rest of the world. And of course, if you enjoy returning to a party that is great and civilization, the night life in and around Perth is currently banging!

Celebrity Travel Addict: Professional Kitesurfer

Your favorite hotel on earth?

Well, I tend not to stay in resorts that frequently, as I prefer to’freestyle’ my lodging. However its nice to treat yourself to a few nights of five star luxurious sometimes. Among the best hotels that I have been in was the Burj Al Arab in Dubai, I also went wakeboarding outside throughout the hands islands facing the resort whenever they were being built.

Celebrity Travel Addict: Professional Kitesurfer

Your favorite restaurant?

Los Mellis, Tapas bar in Old Town.

A bit however I’m a sucker for Spanish tapas. This place serves average Andalucían meals and I have had some excellent times and met some excellent people there…

Your favorite airline?

American Airlines, It is probably not the greatest, but my golden card looks after me and I got a free upgrade. I had a medium rare steak and champagne the last few times I flew together…

Your least favorite?

Aeroflot at Russia, I have had among the greatest check’s with those guys… simply because nobody speaks English and they do not enjoy it when you’ve 100kg’s of baggage. And of course the safety records…????

Where’s the most exotic place your job has taken you?

Kiteboarding has taken me to some places that were crazy, it’s hard to state the exotic, however the British Virgin Islands feels just as though the most tropical. White blue water, palm trees that are drooping and sandy beaches. I found myself sitting to Neker island, in a hot tub, having a cold beer and looking out over an empty and private surf split… I definitely remember thinking at the time… It will not get much better than this!!

What’s the very best piece of travel advice?

Take a spare pair of trousers in your hand luggage… if things get messy????

What are 3 things you could never leave home without?

It seems like I will be going to Galicia in Spain second… or back to the Canary Islands, I am not too sure. Wherever the wind blows…

Where to next?

Tom Court is a professional kitesurfer and kiteboarder in Isle of Wight, UK.

Celebrity Travel Addict: Professional Kitesurfer

He has been propounded because he was 12 years older, also has placed in a number of international contests. You’re able to catch all of his hottest experiences on his YouTube station. His sponsors include Ripslix.co.uk, NORTH Kiteboarding, GYBE layout, ION essentials, FANATIC sup/surf, WightLink Ferries (IOW), SNUGS cans, and RONIX wakeup. Link on Facebook and Twitter with Tom.