VIDEO: What to See and Do in Novi Sad, Serbia

VIDEO: What to See and Do in Novi Sad, Serbia

Intro to Novi Sad

In this event, David takes us around the second largest city to discover the things to see and do in Novi Sad of Serbia. Novi Sad is the capital city of the northern Vojvodina Province — an area home to several nationalities including Hungarians, Croatians, Slovakians, and more…

Tour of Novi Sad

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Petrovaradin Fortress

First stop, David meets up with manual Milos in the city in Liberty Square center’s primary square. Milos clarifies the roots of Novi Sad.

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The Name of Mary Catholic Church is situated in the heart of the Town.

The Neo Gothic architecture of it is quite striking, and if you happen to get dropped by using the church as a milestone you might find your way back into Liberty Square.

Surrounding the church are still several 19th century buildings developed in style. Next stop is Zmaj Jovina Street, the pedestrian-friendly boulevard. Lined with sidewalk cafes and shops, it’s the very place for a coffee or light lunch.

Milos and David Go in their way.

This is actually the fortress in Europe. They first pass through Danavska Street (Danube Street), the oldest road in the city.  They make their way up the 200 measures As soon as they arrive at the base of Petrovaradin Fortress.

By the very top of fortress you’ll receive views of the Danube River and the city of Novi Sad. Petrovaradin Fortress comes with a gourmet restaurant which is where the yearly EXIT Music Festival takes place each summer. It is one of the most popular and greatest music festivals in Europe.

The clock tower in the fortress has become an icon of sorts for the city. It’s jokingly been referred to as the”drunk tower” since it’s slow in the summertime and fast in the winter. Another interesting feature about the clock tower would be that unlike any other clocks, even the small hand counts the minutes and the hours are counted by the big hand.  Be sure to walk around the fortress — you’ll find a couple of art galleries and shops to navigate, and you’ll want to take in of the extraordinary views.

VIDEO: What to See and Do in Novi Sad, Serbia

David’s Final stop on his Trip of Novi Sad is Vojvodina Around Dunavska Street’s Museum to Find out about the Background of the region from the Age Before modern-day Novi Sad.

VIDEO: What to See and Do in Novi Sad, Serbia

Two of David’s favorite exhibits were the golden Roman helmets and the 19th century conventional weathered costume series.

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VIDEO: What to See and Do in Novi Sad, Serbia