Celebrity Travel Addicts: Craig and Aimee of Kinging-It

Within this variant of Celebrity Travel Addicts , we speak with the Welsh few behind Kinging-It and Aimee, Craig, a travel motion that’s supposed to inspire others including the ups and the downs. We speak about their calls together they’ve had an extreme festival they seen while in India, with their wellbeing, their best destinations across the Earth, plus even more! Learn more about them and find out where they are headed!

How did your passion for travel get started?

We’ve difficulty with death! haha! But seriously our trip was to Australia to observe after she had been diagnosed at only 17 Aimee getting the cancer. Shortly after that excursion Craig moved into New Zealand and broke his neck! Don’t even know how we receive travel insurance! We have craved travel and have been fascinated by different cultures and seeing terrific and weird things on the street.

How many days/weeks are you traveling in any given year? What are the kinds of places you like to visit?

At the moment we are traveling for 70% of the year and the remainder is spent at home and rejuvenating our energy, and planning the next trip! In all honesty, the travel is exhausting! We love seeing places that people don’t really see. The Mongol Rally for example took us through the Middle East to each of the’stans’ — Turkmenistan, Mongolia, Iran and Uzbekistan, that has been only the and colorful adventure of our lives. We did not even know these nations!

Celebrity Travel Addicts: Craig and Aimee of Kinging-It

The two of you are from South Wales from the UK.

Celebrity Travel Addicts: Craig and Aimee of Kinging-It

What makes South Wales such a terrific travel destination? What should travelers do and find out when they go there?

Wales as a whole is really a great travel destination, in the coastline to the epic mountains from the North, Wales is actually an underrated jewel of earth. ? West Wales is magnificent and indeed scenic, when the sun is out it may be confused for its Caribbean. Folks should visit the North and visit Snowdonia, take a drive down the coast and end at some of castles and the wicked beaches en route. There is also some very unique lodging in Wales, a dragon’s eye, treehouses, a UFO. Can you inform us love our nation?

Celebrity Travel Addicts: Craig and Aimee of Kinging-It

Traveling can lead to lots of moments that are unexpected. What has been the oddest thing that’s happened in your journeys that caused a memorable or unique moment?

We recently returned from our final trip — driving a rickshaw to the base of India from the very top. This nation throws all kinds and we had been driving through Mumbai and heard lots of drums and symbols . We parked up and have dragged to the midst. People were hitting at themselves piercing their cheeks with long needles, all and smashing coconuts on each others heads with baseball bats celebrating. It ends up it was a muslim festival named Urs Festival — never to be overlooked! A memorable and arbitrary moment!

Aimee, you have been cancer-free for more than a decade today. First off, congratulations! How has beating it influenced you and travels going and fighting cancer? What did you remove that battle that you take with you today or understand?

Thank you! Beating and having cancer has made me the man I’m today. I’m stronger for it as well as as it seems you never know what’s round the corner! You should never wait to occur to change how you are gone. Having cancer has caused me to see the world in a different manner and I can’t get around to folks enough instead of merely settling for an ordinary life, they should be living joyful. Follow your passions and chase your dreams lads! You got one life to live.

What do you want audiences learn and to attain from the work?

We say’We go do it wrong, so you don’t need to!’ ? We would like people to understand that people and other nations aren’t frightening. It doesn’t put us off moving if people say stuff about a nation. We will go and create our own view of places and we have never come across one we did not enjoy!? When we told people we’re likely to Iran they all freaked out. The press has ruined it. Iran was the friendliest people we met. We would like to teach people about civilization and how everyone has something in common. We want to inspire people do it all well and to travel and do it differently.

What are the top three destinations you’ve seen?

(Apart from Wales of course) ??Iceland

Celebrity Travel Addicts: Craig and Aimee of Kinging-It

Give us your’Top 5′ list for one of the best 3 destinations. Like even a list of sorts or a mini-guide. It can be anything from your favourite hotel, best spot to get lunch, finest sightseeing, etc..


How many nations have you seen so far?

New Zealand

What are the top 3 favourite cuisines?

Many people item Iceland is super expensive to journey, but I don’t think they realise the things to do there are all free! ? The Golden Circle is really a fantastic path to see of what Iceland has to offer a pinch. And most importantly you can drive it on yourself! In addition, we urge people to do their own vacationing in Iceland as tours with businesses can be quite pricey.

What is your favourite restaurant on the planet? What dish do you advocate?

But for tours Which Will cost you some Buck — our favourites are:

What is your favourite travel movie?

For the best places to stay we would recommend:

What is your favorite global airport?


Which city had the friendliest people?


Who is your favourite travel companion?


Celebrity Travel Addicts: Craig and Aimee of Kinging-It

What is the best way to kill time while traveling?


Celebrity Travel Addicts: Craig and Aimee of Kinging-It

What is the most exotic place your livelihood has taken you?

Warung Bu Mi at Bali — a little pub that is locally owned. Inexpensive as you like and it is a buffet of whatever you can think of — veggie, vegan and the local dishes. A gigantic bag full of food will set you back!

What is your bit of travel suggestions for somebody who wishes to, or is about to, embark on a life of travel?

The Secret Life of Walter Mitty

Celebrity Travel Addicts: Craig and Aimee of Kinging-It

What are without?

Either Schipol or Singapore

What is your ultimate dream destination?

Indian and Filipino folks were high on the list but Tehran, Iran — they had been friendly and welcoming and we have offered to visit so many people houses for supper. We met a lady who told us (through a translator) that she had been so proud people for coming to her nation and experiencing what it was really like. It was a really emotional trip though we and Iran can’t suggest it.

What is your favourite travel quote?

Silly question — each other of course! ? (Craig replied that, I really do loathe him sometimes and wish I had brought my schnoodle Mollie — she is the best.)

Where are you headed?

Start a YouTube station and you won’t ever have any spare time for the remainder of your life. Haha. Apart from that Aimee is winner sleeper of earth.


A island in the Philippines called Brother Island — you may walk round the entire island in about 15 minutes and it was only the chef us and 3 dogs – it was beautiful!

Take your time, live in the present time, speak to everyone and a smile will make you so far.

Craig: extension plug, a kindle, a GoPro, a comfy pair of joggers.

Aimee: Lipstick (don’t judge me) J-Pillow, Travel sickness pills (ironic for a traveler) packaging cubes.

Alaska – Craig

Afghanistan – Aimee

Celebrity Travel Addicts: Craig and Aimee of Kinging-It

I Really Don’t think we’ve Got one, so we’ll stick with’Rule your own world’

Celebrity Travel Addicts: Craig and Aimee of Kinging-It


Celebrity Travel Addicts: Craig and Aimee of Kinging-It

We are Aimee & Craig AKA Kinging-It.

?? We’re not your smile to your camera vloggers. We enjoy our movies to become genuine and more raw and we seize every chance we can to travel the world. ? After Aimee had been diagnosed at 17, and Craig broke his neck afterwards — we felt as if we needed an’oliday — and it got a bit addictive. We like to challenge ourselves round the world about the most mental missions we can think of… but things never appear to go as planned!

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Celebrity Travel Addicts: Craig and Aimee of Kinging-It