5 Places to Eat Indian Street Food in Kolkata, India

The city of Kolkata, formerly known as Calcutta, is a city and culinary hotspot in the west bank of the Hooghly River in West Bengal. There are a number of places to eat street food in Kolkata. The town boasts a broad selection of cuisines which range from Bengali to Chinese with every one tastier than the last, to the tastes of Indian states.

White Town

The tastes are even more diverse compared to restaurants themselves and range from mild to spicy and could be discovered in every texture conceivable. It’s no surprise the foodies from all over the world journey to Kolkata to eat its own road food. It’s a mouthwatering and mind-blowing experience which everyone should experience at least once. That’s why we’ve put together this guide to help travelers get the very best food which Kolkata has to offer. These are the 5 places to eat street food in Kolkata, India.

5 Places to Eat Indian Street Food in Kolkata, India

Decker Lane

One of Kolkata locations, particularly for history buffs like me, would be the White Town, which is the point where the area rulers stayed through the British Raj. Yet another reason to see White Town is its own street food while some of the British Empire’s time in Kolkata are a popular attraction.


Fresh sugarcane juice is a popular beverage you can purchase from street vendors all over India, and White Town is no exception. Because Kolkata is sweltering most of the moment, it makes for a refreshing and sweet cure, particularly.

5 Places to Eat Indian Street Food in Kolkata, India

Territy Bazaar

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5 Places to Eat Indian Street Food in Kolkata, India


Start looking for a street vendor selling a bread that is soaked in egg , Dim Pauruti , grilled, and served with a chickpea curry. The curry includes green chilies, onions, and a squirt of lime. The bread is toasted to perfection and is sweet and nice. It pairs well with the vegetables , spicy curry as well as the savory, which include another texture and also give it a great crunch. Do not miss out on it! This dish makes White Town just one of the places to eat street food in Kolkata!

I also suggest. It is not hot in Any Way As You might anticipate this dish to become unbearably hot because of the sauce.   It includes a great crunch from the onion within it and’s equally sour and sweet. It’s also very satisfying, so make certain to pace yourself if you intend on eating!

There is also a tasty puffed rice dish with onions, tomatoes, potatoes, green chilies, and g you have to try called Jhaal Muri. The tomatoes add a moistness that is great to the dish, which includes a spiciness which is not evident along with your first couple of bites. It sneaks up on you afterwards, so be ready for it! Try the Malai Toast, which is toast. It’s somewhat sweet and the bread has a delicious crunch to it. It’s pretty addictive!

Is a pancake from moong dal batter, salt, and green chilies created. It’s topped with berries, onions, and coriander and served with a garlic chutney and a mint chutney. The mint becomes burst of warmth in my mouth if it is combined with the chilies in the Dal Chilla and chutney is spicy. I suggest unless you love garlic, skipping the chutney. Itwas too strong for me and potent!

And since chai is among my favorite things finish your night with this beverage. I received some by tossing the flowing tea six feet back and forth between two containers to cool down it while making it easy from a master, who put. The creamy glow and cardamom flavor nearly gave it a flavor similar to that of chocolate. I loved it and I believe that you will, too!

Travelers and foodies seeking the very best street food Kolkata offers need to split out some time to visit with Decker Lane. The street is situated in the center of this BBD Bagh business district also supplies a variety of cuisines. The street food stalls and you’ll make certain to locate sellers offering Bengali, Tandoor, and even Chinese dishes!

Decker Lane is a good place to begin your day, so I advise going there for breakfast. Begin with a chai. There’s always space for chai! It will likely be served to you personally hot, so take a couple of minutes to let it cool down so you don’t burn your mouth as is normally the case.

5 Places to Eat Indian Street Food in Kolkata, India

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Somewhat further along, you should find a stall that provides a dish called luchi ghugni. This dish consists of also a curry made up of potatoes, chickpeas, and yellow peas along with a puri. It’s served with an excellent tamarind chutney that provides a sweetness to the dish. The mixture of the sweetness in the chutney and the warmth from the curry create a dish that is memorable and the ideal balance!

A fried Pub of Peas at a Yummy curry as you continue to wander Decker Lane, be on the lookout for dhokar dalna.  

The dish is served with rotis around both side. Just take the rotis and wrap them round the dhokar dalna. It’s like a delicious, Indian taco! I also suggest the egg yolk, which is. The eggs contain chilies, which include a great amount of spice!

A visit to Aaheli Xpress is a must, Should you have space on your gut. They serve a crunchy, savory samosa that is filled. To make the dish even better, however, it is served. That is my samosa of all-time. You have to try it!

A fried dis that is much like a croqueta, while in Aaheli Xpress, try out the banana flower chop. The banana flavor pairs nicely it is served with. It’s a combination you can’t miss!

Finish up in Decker Lane with the fish fry cutlet of Aaheli Xpress, a bit of fish that is essentially a Bengali take on fish and chips. The fish is coated with a crispy and crispy crust that is out of this world! It’s no real wonder Decker Lane is just among the best places to eat street food in Kolkata!

Snacks and roadside food are now king in India, also you have to try out the street food if you see with Kolkata. This area across the north side of the town is a great place to catch some remarkable snacks in-between foods.

Search for a vendor selling a delicious chaat made from peanuts, lentils, onions, and coriander chutney in the roadsides. It’s spicy and crunchy, but is rather refreshing and makes for a palate cleaner that is amazing. Check it out!

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I highly advise getting some puchka. Puchka is your Bengali name for puri, which you’ll discover in other parts of India and Maharashtra. It is composed of a hollow, fried ball known as a puri, which is full of a combination of chilies, spices, mint and tamarind chutneys, along with a potato mash. I really like how that they explode all over your palate when you eat them in one bite!

Make your way to Allen Kitchen, an eatery that’s been serving the people of Kolkata for 125 years! I highly suggest the prawns with ghee and avocado. The 3 flavors have been also a highlight of my time in Shobhabazar and work.

The prawns are crunchy on the outsideand tender at the center, and they’re not greasy even though they have been deep fried. Between the bites and the prawns, Shobhabazar is among the best places to eat street food in Kolkata!

5 Places to Eat Indian Street Food in Kolkata, India

Kolkata is famous for its important Chinese population. Obviously, this implies that cuisine influences a lot of the food in the city. Kolkata is actually the birthplace of all Indo-Chinese food, also a sort of cuisine that blends both Indian and Indian tastes. Trying genuine Indo-Chinese meals is crucial while in Kolkata, and to do that, I suggest going over to Territy Bazaar.

5 Places to Eat Indian Street Food in Kolkata, India

You should spot a vendor selling dishes like fish balls fish and baos, momos, upon entering the bazaar. Everything there’s well worth a try, particularly the meat bao. This meat-filled bun is thick and fluffy on the exterior, although the filling is juicy and creamy. I was transported back to some own time in China after one bite!

You can’t leave without trying the momos, which can be similar to wontons or dumplings. Although the fish momo packs a punch that is very pleasant and tasty the chicken momo is nice! I also suggest the pork spring roll, which comprises pork, spices, and onions. It’s spongy and very soft despite this being fried!

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The last dish you should try in Territy Bazaar is pork ball soup and that the bass ball, which consists of pork balls and bass balls in a fragrant, herbal broth. The pork balls contained chunks of beef, and the bass balls are soft and full of bass flavor and had a very pleasant texture.

I didn’t get any notes of Indian tastes in the broth; instead, it reminded me of a true wonton soup. Eat the fish and pork balls with some hot sauce for an extra kick of flavor!

Territy Bazaar is definitely one of the best places to eat street food in Kolkata. After just one flavor of the Indo-Chinese delights there you’ll be hooked!

One of the best places to eat food is the Shyambazar area. It’s near the Shobhabazar area, so in case it is possible, try to visit with the two localities go! This area in the northern portion of Kolkata is known for its tasty and flavorful street food. Every dish I came around there blew my mind and made my mouth water!

You have to try out the slow-cooked mutton with onion and paratha in a eatery called Golbari. The goat meat is slow-cooked, for 2 hours, on a rock slab, in its own juices. Due to the process that is cooking, the beef is tender and buttery, it almost evaporates on your mouth. The peppery curry is not full size spicy and just has a slight tingle of warmth for it. Having said that, it is still exploding. I could not get enough of it! Golbari’s mutton is easily one of my favorites of all-time, although I have eaten mutton all over the planet!

5 Places to Eat Indian Street Food in Kolkata, India

If you are ready to tear yourself away in your Golbari goat dishes, make your way to Bhojohori Manna Restaurant next. Avik, guide and my friend, told me that the name and image of the restaurant was selected to be the representation of a glutton. When you try the food there trust me, you’ll feel pretty gluttonous. It is outstanding!

Bhojohori Manna is famous for its Bengali fish, which comprises! The prawn is bathed and meaty in a delicious curry made from coconut milk, coconut milk, and milk cream. The curry reminds me of a mild variant of the kind you get with poultry. Combine the prawn beef and then eat it with your hands to tap to meals bliss! The meat melted in my mouth!

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There is also a great a mild fish in a skillet. Its flesh is tender and the skin is very most more addicting! This fish was ideal for people like me who are wary of spines and bones, because there’s just one big spine. The fish is super light and is not overly salty. When eating this fish, then go for everything. They’re a underrated and fantastic treat!

Kolkata is a food lover’s paradise. Whether you would like meals, Bengali fish, or anything else, you’ll find it there. The tastes will tantalize your taste buds and make you dream about your Kolkatan dishes after you are gone. Book a visit to Kolkata now to flavor them all for yourself!

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5 Places to Eat Indian Street Food in Kolkata, India