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Santorini is by far the most famous island in Greece and also for good reason. It is iconic blue and white houses, dramatic cliffs, and also cuisine make offer it the reputation as the’Crown Jewel of Greece.’ Santorini is a location that is best appreciated by land and by sea, and you learn why.

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After in Fira you have to take a ride up from the port up to the educated town. It is best to take this up now down that I would not recommend it and because down the way is a bit slippery.

Many vacationers arriving by cruise ship decide to take a donkey up the 588 steps to the city of Fira in the port. There’s a cable car that costs 5 Euros and takes about 3 minutes if you’d like a faster choice.

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Oia is the city in Santorini. It is a village and from here you have views of the caldera. The entire city in pedestrian friendly, and there is boutiques, souvenir stores and tavernas. Lets explore Oia!

More probable than not they have been taken in Oia If people see photos of Santorini. We recommend finding one which seems good to you although there are so many restaurants!

We are here at Ammoudi Port, that is a little port at the bottom of Oia. It requires around 200 steps to drift down in Oia, you could even push. We are eating at Dimitris Taverna, that was the very first restaurant. The very first title was Ammoudi Taverna and they changed it to the owners title. From here you have the best sunset in Santorini!

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Restaurant is yummy! We needed a grilled fish, white wine, Greek salad plates, and a rock solid pasta!

Next up are two early Greek websites! You could be amazed to know there is a lot of history on this island.

Because it’s been maintained by volcanic ash akrotiri is thought of as the Pompeii of the Aegean. What you see is a village which date back to 1650 B.C., which is the centre Bronze age period. They also found artifacts which date back to the 5th millennia B.C., that is late Neolithic period.

The settlement was destroyed from the eruption around 1627 BC and has been buried by volcanic ash, that ended up claiming artworks frescos and structures. The website has been always excavated because 1967. It’ll take you around 1 hour to go to the website. Next up is the ancient city of Thera!

The early city of Thera was built at the 8th century B.C. about 1000 years after the volcanic eruption that destroyed Akrotiri. It called after their leader Theras, also was built by Dorian’s from Sparta. From here you have views of Kamari Beach and the Aegean Sea.

Some must see’s here will be the ancient Agora, the 2nd century Theatre and the public Stoa, or portico which has been encouraged by 10 Doric columns.

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Kamari beach is the most popular beach destination on the island. It is a black sand beach, you walk the beach promenade can take a dip and consume at Nichteri Restaurant, that is my recommendation for dinner or lunch. It’s time for a cold one!

Santorini is famous for it’s wine, but were you aware that they have one of the micro breweries in Greece? Donkey Brewery was created in 2011, plus they produce up to 70 litres of beer. Crazy, Red and yellow will be the company’s 3 main beers!

In the brewery you’ll be able to watch and learn about the process of beer making! In case your wondering about this brewery’s title is because Santorini is renowned for its donkey’s.

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If you want to experience a Santorinian village, then visit Pyrgos, which is situated at the highest point on the island. Here youget the chance to see its archictecture and’ll get some awesome views of the island.

Will be Casteli’s ruins Castle, just one of five original castles of this island. Pyrgos is house mansions and narrow cobblestone streets. A terrific way to enjoy the old world charm of Santorini!

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Now let’s head to a winery!

We visit Sigalas winery, it’s situated outside of Oia. It has been here since 1991 and have won awards for their wines. They have over 13 distinct wines!

Next up is Gaia Winery!

It is situated on the beach in an old factory. Gaia creates a number of the finest wines in Greece and their Assyrtiko is mouth watering!

We saved the best for last because there is nothing like having the exceptional caldera of Santorini by sea.
Now We’re sailing around Santorini. Wesail throughout the caldera’ll be making a few stops at red beach, white beach, cease at sulfur springs and end in Ammoudi Port.

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Let’s hit on these waters. The water warms up, as you approach.

As we make our way nearer to Ammoudi port, we sail.  We stopped to jump off the base. Let’s do this!!!

That has been our top 10 things to see and do in Santorini Island! Comment below if you have been or want to go!