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In this episode, things to see and do in Belgrade, David’s initial stop is Kalemagdan Fortress which consist around the confluence of the Danube River and the Sava River. The Sava river to the Danube’s assembly is one of the most amazing organic lookouts in the funds.

The fortress’ location is alongside old Belgrade of Stari Grad. Knez Mihailova Street is the major pedestrian street in town center.  We visit with Ada Lake, a river island that has been turned into a peninsula. Throughout the summer months, Belgradian’s come to relax at the beach at Ada.

Now we head Through Easter service to the Church of Saint Sava.

Saint Sava’s Church is a Serbian Orthodox church located around the Vracar plateau. It’ll be the biggest Orthodox church in the world following the Holy Trinity Cathedral of Tbilisi After the church is finished.

Would be Tasmajdan Park, a park at the surrounding community of Belgrade. The park has been bombed by NATO in 1999. There are two churches, St. Mark’s Church”Serbian Orthodox” and also a Russian Orthodox Church.   Now we venture out to try Burek a Balkan staple food! Burek is a dough filled with even meat, spinach, or either cheese. David tries both a cheese along with a spinach and cheese.

Republic Square is thought of as the core of Belgrade! After we head to Skadarlija, Belgrade’s bohemain region. This is a great restaurant street and the perfect place!   Bucko, is a pizza place at Belgrade. Our friend Ivan from Belgrade VIP thinks this is a must try and we do also!

Now off to Zemun, it was a separate town from Belgrade. It is located across the river Sava. It is a place to relax and revel in its romantic architecture!

VIDEO: Things

So that has been David’s list of things. A must visit funds when you go to the Balkans.

Have you been to Belgrade?

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