My Upcoming Trip to Greece

Therefore, it’s been a hectic few months at Barcelona, and I just got my net installed. I am gearing up for an incredible journey that begins in just a couple days from today, and I want to share my plans. I will soon be swapping my tapas that are cherished out of for scrumptious meze. It is about time Davidsbeenhere travels into the birthplace of flames!

My Upcoming Trip to Greece

I would cruise the Greek isles for months on end around with a care in the world When I had my way. However, as with all places Davidsbeenhere covers, travel videos and guides have to be made, so with no additional ado, here’s what I’ll be around for the next month or so.

Athens (8 days)

My Upcoming Trip to Greece

Rhodes (7 days)


Kos  (4 days)

Kalymnos  (4 days)

Santorini (5 days)

As a result of the generosity of the Greek authorities, Davidsbeenhere will have unrestricted access to archaeological websites and monuments including Mycenae, Corinth, Nemea, the Epidauros, Sounion, both Thebes and Delphi, all in order to make the highest quality footage and also get the maximum up-to-date information for guides.

My Upcoming Trip to Greece

Please share your knowledge, suggestions and experience with us, if you have traveled to this state! Or in case you have any helpful links, please share. Until the next time, yia sou!

I would like to give a special thanks for Travel Trade Athens, Markopoulos Hotel Group along with my sponsor, ScotteVest Travel Clothing.