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Serbia’s third largest city, Nis is one of the destinations in the entire country with loads of websites, attractions and monuments .

Nis is famous for being the birthplace of the Roman Emperor Constantine the Great, the man responsible for Turning the empire to Christianity.

The city has been well first known in those days as Naissus.

First stop in historic Nis is directly to the city center where David and his tour guide meet up to explore the most Nis Fortress. The fortress was constructed during Turkish ruler (1386 — 1878) as was considered as one of the most beautiful buildings from the Balkans. The Nis Fortress was used as an armory, hammam (bath), and also prison. Much of the building is still standing. It’s a totally free attraction where people are welcome check the 2,000-year-old Roman tombstones out within and to stroll the paths.

As evidenced by the existence of a German concentration camp, nis did not escape the horrors of WWII. Over time the camp placed 30,000 people, of which 12,000 were implemented.

Continuing along, David and his tour guide visit see Skull Tower, constructed by the Ottomans. The skulls are these of Serbs killed by Ottomans during the Battle of? Egar throughout the very first Serbian Revolution at 1809. They visit Nis’ Archaeological Hall to test out a few Roman artifacts in ancient Naissus.


Using an intriguing history and pedestrian-friendly roads, travelers quitting in Nis will not have any lack of things to do!

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