Top 5 Attractions

Vienna is among the worlds richest cultural and historical towns, and it is packed full of various attractions which vary from the special and also the amazing to the enjoyable and downright bizarre. There is something for everyone in the Austrian capital and settling on a definitive list is so quite a task.

Top 5 Attractions

Schonbrunn Palace

Vienna State Opera

In the Imperial Grandeur and arts venues are highlights and lots of must-see gems which make a visit.

The Belvedere Sophisticated

Let’s take a look at five of Them in a little more detail:

Top 5 Attractions

Ringstrasse (the Vienna Ring Road)

Top 5 Attractions

With over 1,400 rooms which are surrounded by gardens, the Schonbrunn Palace is well-known for its amazing Baroque buildings and layouts. There is more to this castle as well, using the world’s oldest zoo — Vienna zoo — being located right next door which makes it accessible by passing throughout the Palace gardens.

House of the Sea/ Schonbrunn Zoo

Photo by Arthur Kage

Dating back to the middle of this 19th century, the Vienna State Opera today operates as an opera house in addition to an opera company and features occasions from the world’s greatest classical and modern abilities. Vienna Opera tickets are best secured on the internet to guarantee your seats, an attempt that’s well worth it as appeal to everyone, and not lovers of music.

Made up of gardens that are extensive and many palaces, the Belvedere Complex is just one of Vienna’s most significant scenes. Palace stables that used to home Prince Eugene’s 12 greatest horses match the magnificent Baroque architecture that features at the upper and lower Belvedere palaces. The Belvedere palace is also masterworks of Gothic and Baroque art in addition to home to the world’s largest assortment of artworks by Gustav Klimt.

Even the Vienna Ring Road, or Ringstrasse, is yet another top draw that’s well worth experiencing if you’re going to the capital City. The street is home to several of Austria famous and’s iconic buildings and sites such as the State Opera, Parliament buildings, along with also the Museum of Applied Arts among others. Tours by bicycle or via the popular ring Tram will permit you to learn more about the path and at your own pace.

Vienna has some thing to offer nature lovers also. The city is home to the House of the Sea where guests could encounter freshwater and saltwater fish to Austria aquarium housing. Guided excursions are offered to take you through tanks which are home to animals such as apes that are free-roaming, crocodiles and more then on to Puppi sea turtles and creatures in the House of the Tropics. Schonbrunn Zoo is the world’s oldest zoo and is deemed to be one of the very best and most modern on the planet but it still manages to exude its own charm.

Top 5 Attractions

As stated previously, there are lots of exciting and intriguing sights and places available in Vienna, and a visit to this historic city will conjure up different attractions and ideas of enjoyment for different folks. No matter the thought of a visit to the city conjures up to you, make sure you incorporate the five draws listed previously for a excursion that is memorable as they are well worth the visit!